How can you be sure that your website is built in WordPress?

It could be also built with some other CMS like Drupal or Joomla. There must be some tricks for this question. Here are some advices that may help in solving this conundrum.

The best way to be sure is to check your source code. When you have opened your home page, click right button on mouse and select “View Page Source” from the dropdown list. There, you can see whether or not your important files are loaded. Searching keywords like “wordpress” should point to files loaded by WordPress, which is a good indicator that the site is using WordPress as a CMS.

If you go to site and after URL add /wp-admin at the end of the url, and you get the log in screen, the site is built using WordPress. This method will work if developers haven’t disabled or changed the logging in (which is a good idea to avoid bots from trying to brute force their way in).



Fastest Way

The fastest way to know if site is built in WordPress is to go to one of these three URLs:




Just paste your site URL in check input and you will know.

You can also download “Chrome Sniffer Plus” extension for Chrome browser. When you install it, it will appear in your browser. When you navigate to other sites, extension icon will be changed to reflect the platform being used, which is pretty cool.

Wappalyzer is another Google Chrome extension which uncovers the technologies used on websites. It can identify the sites correctly where Chrome Sniffer might fail.

For just paste URL to check input and then find “Content Management System”. There you’ll see whether WordPress platform is used or not.

These are some small pointers to see if the site uses WordPress CMS.