There are several ways to set your page to work faster but caching has the greatest impact.

Before we inform you about what cache plugins are, we want to say something about caching. Caching is an area of a computer’s memory that temporarily stores recently used information. The content, which includes HTML pages, images, files and Web objects, is stored on the local hard drive in order to make it faster for the user to access it, which helps improve the efficiency of the computer and its overall performance.

To select best caching plugin, you need to know what to expect from that plugin. Write your requirements accordingly.

Be aware of the cost. You can always use free caching plugins, or you can buy them. Just remember, if you buy the most expensive plugin, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best for your site. Also be aware that some hostings use server side caching, which can complicate development process.

If you already found some plugin that you think will be fine, look at the power and performance of it. Certain plugins come with extra features (GZIP compression, integration with content delivery networks and more).

Always use plugin with great support. Be aware that if you pay for it, you get the appropriate support. We won’t go into details about each of these plugins, we’ll just provide the list of the most used ones.

The list

WP Total Cache
WP Super Cache
Lite Cache
Alpha Cache
bodi0’s Easy Cache
AIO Cache
Gator Cache
Hyper Cache
Next Level Cache
Really Static
WP Fastest Cache
WP Fast Cache
Super Static Cache
WP Rocket
Zen Cache
Wordfence with Falcon
Cache Enabler

If you still can’t decide what caching plugin is best for you, then search plugins with largest number of downloads. Sometimes when you choose WordPress theme and install some third party plugin on it, there can be conflicts or errors on your page. For that, we recommend that you write your problem to theme support or maybe try to install some other cache plugin. Sometimes clearing cache can help you to solve issues.

The list is long, but in the end it’s your choice which one will best suit your needs.