Do you know how to organize development of your WordPress application? We will analyze good and bad sides of hiring freelancers, WordPress agencies or employing your own developer.

Let’s start with freelancers.

If you have a project where you really need help, be sure that you actually need a freelancer. Do you need help during the business season, or do you need certain specific knowledge because the deadline is squeezing you? If your answer is yes, hiring a freelancer might be for you. Consider how much time would it take to direct a new person to your project. Some freelancers are great professionals and they will be with you from start to the end of project. Freelancer must be capable of fast communication with you and should fulfill your expectations. Also, and maybe the most important thing to consider is, will the freelancer deliver the code before deadline? These are things to consider when hiring a freelancer.

There are a few bad things when we talk about this way of work. Sometimes the freelancers can be unreliable – they can take a job, but they can’t handle it. They could disappear whenever they want and take the code. It can be dangerous because your project can collapse in the last minute. That’s why the sites like have a good system to see the trustworthy freelancers. Also have in mind that if you skimp on the money, you’ll probably get shoddy work. But then again, you get what you paid for.

Employed developer

Let’s say that your firm has a specific tasks that need to be completed in a certain period of time. A full-time developer is paid either hourly or by salary for work he’s done. First, look on what project you working on and estimate how much of the project is complicated. Let’s say you need one new employee. Before hiring, think about what will happen to the developer when this current project is over, and it just so happens that your next project is really small so you don’t need his help. Don’t forget that you need to provide a salary for the future month.

If new employed is not senior developer, you will need to teach him how to get skills and that also takes time.

Rushing is not something that is recommended with these kind of decisions. Hiring a new developer is a long term goal that you want to extract the maximum of.


When you want to be sure that your project will be finished with great outcome, we suggest that you outsource the work to agencies specialized in the type of work you require. Agencies usually have fast solutions and creative ideas with 24/7 support. Their developers know what they are doing, and they have full teams that don’t only include developers, but designers and project managers that will communicate with the client on a daily basis.

Bad things for WordPress agency is that their services are more expensive then freelancers, but you can rely on them to deliver the thing you asked for.

The decision is ultimately on you. Always research beforehand and asses what suits your needs the best.