Will my client know you did the project?

Your clients are your clients, so are the projects – we will never put them in any kind of portfolio or brag about them.

Can you create a plugin we can sell as our own?

Sure, after the project is delivered, everything we created for you is yours, you are the owner of all rights on the product – you can sell it as your own.

Can you talk with my client directly?

Sure, a lot of partners open their company emails for our team which works on their project or add our members to their communication channels. We can organize calls with clients and developers or project managers. It is not unusual that we even travel abroad to meet end clients. In all this communication or meetings we introduce ourselves as part of your team. Finally you have hire us to be part of your team.

Can you be available in my timezone working hours?

Sure, it can be arranged. Please note your requirements when requesting a quote.

We have very important project and client. Can you go to meeting with us?

No problem at all, our project managers can attend any needed meeting – by call or in personal.

How does communication work?

It depends whether you have project or support task. In both cases all communication will go trough your Client Area on our site. If you have project we work on you are able to monitor entire process and discuss on task basis everything with developers directly in our project management system. Support tasks are simpler to handle so there is no need for such organized communication. In this case we use classic support system with tickets. You place task in system and give all needed info. Our developers than takes task, and once finished you will get detailed summary of what is done. If you need something more to be done on same task you just reply on it or for another task open a new ticket.

What is your response time?

We are in UTC+1 timezone and our working hours are Mon-Fri form 7am to 5pm. During that time our response time is within one hour. We also have response times and working hours customized to need of our clients. So if you have some special needs leave us a note and we will organize it for you. 

What is your advantage over freelancers?

Simply – we are reliable. If you go with freelancer you depend on only one person. Maybe that is not big issue for smaller tasks but for bigger projects that can be a problem. There is possibility freelancer won’t deliver when is agreed or even won’t deliver at all. Even when project is delivered there is no absolutely no guarantee for future support. 

Do you keep my information safe?

All information is keep securely and it is available only to assigned developers and project managers. Complete communication is going over secure protocol (HTTPS) to keep it impossible to intercept the data. Development is taking place on our servers and upon deployment all data is deleted, unless agreed differently.

Payment options

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept direct bank transfer by SWIFT, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover and Visa Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal and payment via Escrow service.

My preferred payment option is not on your list. Can you do something?

Contact us and we will check what we can do. If it is available to us we will do our best to enable your preferred payment method.

Project budget is lower than quote? What can be done?

Inform us about that, we can suggest you usage of some plugin or theme that will reduce needed development time. Also it is possible that development of most unimportant functionality consumes significant amount of time and that you can give up on that.

Why I need to pay upfront?

To bring you only the best results we are focused on development and development only. By paying in advance our expenses for billing department are reduced and with extra peace of mind we are focused on important tasks. 

Do you offer refunds?

We can make refund for any unused amount paid in advance (e.g. if you quit project in the middle). All expenses are deducted from refunded amount.

My payment is failing. What can I do?

If it is possible you can try another payment method. But, please inform us about any failure you experience so we can investigate.

Coding standard

Which version of WordPress do you use?

We always code in the latest version of WordPress, with future announced versions in mind.

What standards do you comply with?

We comply with all latest WordPress coding standards for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our produced code is highest quality and ready to be uploaded on WordPress repository or 3rd party marketplaces.

How do you test your code?

All code is checked live automatically during development in source code editor with CSS lint, JSHint and PHP_CodeSniffer using WordPress coding standards. Once project is done complete result is validated on W3C HTML and CSS validators.

On what devices do you test results?

We test only live (no virtual devices) on all major operating systems, all major browsers and all top devices. Currently we are developing on Windows 10 with Chrome or macOS with Safari or Chrome. All standard tests are performed on Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera), macOS (Chrome, Safari), Ubuntu (Firefox)on several standard resolutions. Further we test on iOS, Android and Windows tablet and on iPhone 5,6,7 and Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7 Edge. We add more testes as needed by project and we keep our testing environment updated with latest devices and platforms.

Do you use any framework?

Not by default. It mostly depends on project and your requirements.

What you need to integrate some application?

For projects where you need your WordPress communicates with another application we will need API documentation of that application before starting the project.


What if I don’t have the design yet?

Although we have designers in our team we are a development only company. We work mostly with other agencies such as design agencies, so we don’t usually do design, as it is usually already prepared. Still, if you don’t have design you are not on your own – contact us, maybe we have some ready made design that fits your needs or we can connect you with one of our partner agencies.

Can you convert existing site to WordPress?

Sure, actually that is a frequent request. We can take any kind of website you have (HTML, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace) and convert it into a WordPress site that will look exactly the same.

What graphic file formats do you support?

We use Photoshop and Sketch and any of supported file types will do. That being said we prefer *.psd, *.sketch, *.pdf, *.jpg, *.png

Do you need a design for every single page?

We mostly need design for every specific layout or new element. So as there is not need to deliver design for every single page, if you do final result will be pixel perfect to what you wanted. If you are not sure we can discuss before you do design completely.

What is the minimum design you need to start working on project?

Mostly it depends on the project, sometimes if it is only backend or some integration we need none, but if we need to code some advanced animations we need all before we can start our work. Also some projects, tight on schedule, can be started while designers still work on it. 


I just need minor changes, can you do it?

The size of your project doesn’t matter – we’ve got you covered. In case of minor changes the easiest way is to register and open support ticket. That way you will have not wait for a quote.

Tell us about your project workflow in detail?

When you request a quote, our technical team assesses your requirement and sends the proposition with work milestones and payment schedule. Upon your acceptance we start working on it, and you can monitor the entire process on our project management site. We provide you everything done on every milestone so you can review. Once project is finished and passed your review we deliver it on any agreed way.

Can you start working immediately on a project?

That depends on currently available developers, project managers and also on project size. Due to our optimized process we are able to evenly distribute high and low priority projects across teams and start average size projects in couple of days. You can always contact us for current team availability.

How do you make an estimate for quote?

To give an estimate we divide project into milestones, then each milestone into tasks, and if needed task into sub-tasks. Then we do an estimate on how much time we need for every (sub)task. When estimating we use scrum methodology and minimum team of 3 developers.

How long does it take to get a quote?

This depends on size of project and how long does it take to get all information about project. Once we get all data we will usually give you a quote within 3 business days.


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