By Real Humans Only - White Glove Approach

Everything done manually.
No automatic untested updates.
No automatically generated reports.

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What do you get?

All packages includes the same great set of features – maintenance can not be done partially!

No Automatic

Everything we do, we do in person. We know your site, your processes, and potential bottlenecks in detail and work according to it.

White Glove

We treat every website as precious and fragile. As it is!

Senior Experts

Our team consists of only senior expert developers with years of experience working for you.

Core WP
Staged Updates

You will always be running on the latest version of WordPress. Very important for security and compatibility with plugins and themes.

Staged Plugin

We keep all your plugins updated, with testing on staging first. Even premium plugins, that needs manual downloading from developer’s site.

Staged Theme

We keep your theme updated, with testing on staging first. Even premium themes, that needs manual downloading from developer’s site.

File and Database

We backup all your files and database depending on the change frequency or users actions: hourly, daily, weekly. Files are keep secure on separate server.

on Staging

Any change, or update happens on the staging site first. After we test it and make sure everything works well we transfer it to production. That way your site is always up and running without errors.

Server Migration
on Demand

Whenever you request we will migrate your site to another server or hosting provider, while keeping everything live and without errors.


Speed is one of most important aspects of modern website. We will make sure your site performs as fast as possible.


Plugins, revisions, transients, attachment, comments… your database gets easily clogged. We will make sure it is optimized and without unnecessary data.


We regularly monitor the performance of your site on multiple relevant checks and making sure it is running optimal.

Securing Site and
Attacks Prevention

We will install and monitor security plugin which will cover most usually attacked parts of the site.

Regular Integrity

We check vital parts of your site to ensure everything is working as it should.

Hack and Malware

It is always possible some new vulnerability is found by hackers that can be used to access your site. In that case we are covering you and resolving the issue.

Content Delivery
Network (CDN)

Implementing CDN will reduce the stress of your server, probably server costs also, while website will be delivered faster to users around the globe.

Cache Management
and Monitoring

Caching is important aspect of speed optimization and reducing needed hardware resources. The result is faster website and less expenses.

Uptime and Server

It is always possible that something fails. We constantly monitor your site and server and know about the problem immediately.


Whenever we notice something that can be improved we will make a report about it and give you suggestions and possibilities.


It is important to know what is going on, that is why we will keep you posted with detailed report of any action taken on your website.

Chat & Mail
Live Support

We are with you 24/7. If anything unexpected happens to your site you can contact us on email or live chat and we will be with you in minutes.

Small Changes

1-5 hours are included in each plan which you can use for small changes, tracked in minutes.

Hours Discount

For any development, which is not included in the maintenance plan we will give you 10% discount.


No waiting for days to get a response. We are always online and ready to act if something goes wrong.

Select your plan

The only difference between plans is the complexity and size of your site – all plans include all great features mentioned above

All features includedFor individual websitesFor SMB websites1 hour for changes
All features includedFor high traffic websitesFor multisite setup5 hours for changes

*if unsure what to select – go with Standard plan, you can always upgrade if needed

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